JRSND provides creative legal services tailored to each client. We work primarily in five areas: Entertainment; Business Litigation; Real Estate; Credit Reporting; General Counsel. Each matter is managed by a senior lawyer employing the highest standards of integrity, performance and accountability. We develop long term relationships with our clients which allow us to serve as trusted advisors.


In the motion picture, television and music industries, JRSND's lawyers are currently handling the legal representation and negotiation of deals for various directors, writers, actors, musical artists, composers and producers/production companies including the following: (a) negotiation of employment agreements with major studios and networks for film/television directors, writers and actors; (b) negotiation of overall term deals for high level television writer/producer "show runners" as well as first-time creators of programming, both for scripted television at all the major networks and reality programming at the various cable outlets; (c) representation of producers/production companies in film and television, including distribution/acquisition agreements, as well as all aspects of production legal work related to the completion of production and/or distribution; (d) negotiation of recording, producer and manager agreements; (e) synch licenses for motion pictures, television and new media; and (f) licensing on behalf of manufacturers and licensees as well as name and likeness arrangements. Our clients in feature films and television range from the highest level deals in terms of fees, bonuses and first-dollar profit participations for Oscar-winning talent, down to small independent films for new talent requiring creative arrangements for film financing and the compensation of talent.


JRSND provides traditional litigation services in a stripped-down modern format. We go for the best, cost-effective result in the shortest possible time. Our lawyers have years of successful trial experience in the State and Federal courts as well as arbitration before the major tribunals. Unlike most litigators, we never assume a case is going to settle. Instead, we push relentlessly to gain pre-trial advantage using the full range of discovery and motion practice, thereby positioning the case for early resolution by judicial decision or forcing settlement on our terms. This ends up costing less as we focus on the core issues for case preparation and avoid wasteful, lawyer-driven brawls which do nothing to resolve the case. We strive to use mediation at the right time to short-cut the process. Our clients are kept in the loop at all times with the goal of avoiding surprises as to strengths, weaknesses and cost.

While we handle all areas of business disputes, we have particular expertise in a number of areas: Contract disputes; Entertainment industry disputes; LLC member disputes; Landlord/Tenant disputes - both commercial and residential; Real Estate disputes; Employee misconduct; Intellectual Property; Consumer Class Action cases.

Real Estate

JRSND regularly handles real estate matters - both transactional and litigation - for commercial, industrial and residential real property owners, developers, associations, property managers, landlords and tenants. Examples of our transactional work include: the purchase and sale of residential, industrial and commercial properties; the leasing of residential, commercial or industrial properties; the forming or governance of a community association; the drafting or enforcement of CC&Rs. On the litigation side, the matters we have successfully handled include: commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes; commercial and residential complex unlawful detainers; mobile home park disputes; broker and agent disputes; construction disputes; community association disputes; disputes over the purchase and sale of commercial, industrial or residential property.

JRSND's Michael Saltz is an authority on California real estate litigation, having authored real estate litigation practice guides and jury instruction commentary used by lawyers and judges statewide. Michael Saltz regularly provides lectures and publishes articles for several real estate-based organizations.

Credit Reporting

JRSND is at the forefront in handling cases involving tenant-screening and credit bureau compliance issues. We have successfully participated in the formation and challenging of credit reporting legislation, through participation in drafting new laws, providing opinion letters, obtaining injunctions against the enforcement of prejudicial laws and filing amicus briefs in cases on appeal where the outcome affects our clients' interests.

General Counsel

JRSND is honored to serve as outside general counsel to a variety of individuals and companies. We are their "legal department" where all legal matters are sent for evaluation and direct handling or referral to other counsel and professionals as needed. The clients whom we serve in this capacity typically hire us to do so after we have represented them on a discrete matter in which they were impressed by our direct, disciplined and efficient methods of pursuing their goals. In so doing, we employ our local and world-wide network of personal contacts in the professional services.